BCPS Our vision is to empower our students with the knowledge, skills, beliefs and attitudes that will allow them to achieve full individual potential in every aspect of their learning and ultimately to become a valued member of the wider community at national and international level.aims at providing world class education with professional training to promote technology advancement so that the Indian technocrats may withstand and win the competition existing at the world level.

BCPS vision is to ensure the professional growth vis-à-vis the global demands amongst the technology giants in India and outside by sincere efforts in invigorating work culture alongwith practice knowledge and experience.

To develop an Excellence with key focus on sustaining and promoting capabilities built through

  • high academic standards designed to ensure holistic development of the students with global outlook and personality development with human values;
  • sincere efforts to ensure a congenial and invigorating work culture, synthesis of practical knowledge and experience through various activities and;
  • creating an environment, which nurtures and nourishes motivates and inspires original research in various technical branches and also development of technical and entrepreneurial skills.